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Live journal on my phone

Frustrated because I can't view my livejournal account on my phone except in mobile mode. I like having the option. It tells me my account was purged. I have a permanent paid account. I don't post much, but I read tons and comment and tag favorites. Arrg.

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Darren Criss at the Grammy Musicares event


I got my Iphone 4g yesterday while I was home sick. Good timing. I also got my mother, who turned 80 this year a new Iphone on my plan. I set her up with email and her own facebook account so she can keep up with all the family news. She has taken to checking her facebook everytime somebody else friends her. Took to it better than I thought. Soon she will be just as attached to her phone as I am to mine.


Things that me me go hmmm

What is up with the starlings dying in Arkansas and Louisiana!? I know that they are considered nuisance birds, little more than flying rats, but if someone is deliberately trying to kill them wouldn't someone know about it? And if it is something environmental why is it only affecting the starling? And the fish?


Writer's Block: Auld Lang Syne

What are your New Year's resolutions? Do you think you'll stick to any of them? If so, for how long?

I don't as a rule make New Years resolutions. Why set myself up for failure?

My only goal for 2011 so far to color my hair.

Overall 2010 was an okay year. I had some very good times. Listened to some good music. Saw some good films. Went to a few Broadway shows. Got some new stuff. Nice new stuff.

Lost a few people along the way and will miss them and will remember them with love.

I hope 2011 treats me well.

English football

The EPL season starts today, but we will have to wait until Monday for the first Manchester United match.

Of the matches so far, biggest surprise may be Blackpool beating Wigan 4-0. This may put Blackpool at the top of the table on goal difference, if only briefly. Welcome to the EPL Blackpool!

Man City tied 1-1 against Tottenham. The Hotspurs dominated the match and were in goal scoring position about 1,000 times, stopped only by the skills of City's keeper, Joe Hart. Somebody remind me why Joe wasn't used in the World Cup?

Chelsea yet to come today. Pray they start the season with a fat L. Go West Brom!

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Spring Breaks

Spring Break has officially started and for once the weather is co-opertating. It is sunny and warm and kids are playing in the park - yelling and screaming and having a grand time as only the young can get away with.

Oh to be uninhibited (or crazy) enough to join in!

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April Fool

I've never been an April Fool's Day prankster. I've been embarrased to be the April Fool too often.

I should probably be avoiding the Internet today. I am way too gulible to be reading blogs, tweets, or status updates posted on April 1st.

I try to tell myself not believe anything I read today until I see it again tomorrow, but sometimes I get excited and forget it could be a hoax.

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Leaky Mug 12: LIVE in NYC!

Leaky Mug 12: LIVE in NYC!
"Leaky Mug 12: LIVE in NYC!" on Google Video
Recorded live at the Barnes & Noble in Union Square, New York City. August 2nd, 2006.

Manchester United - Stand your ground!!

Manchester United is currently #1 in the standings!! Granted there have only been two matches played this season, but what a start. Eight goals in 2 games. And we won without Rooney. They scoring has been spread around too. And Michael Carrick made his first appearance as a Red. Welcome Michael!! Too bad we didn't get to see any of this on Fox Soccer Channel. Maybe if ManU keeps winning and Chelsea keeps losing (ranked #7 today) they will start showing the ManU matches.