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CBS Morning Show pictures from my trip to NYC

Okay, so it took forever for me to put any pictures up from my NYC weekend. But I was so worn out when I got home and then it was right back to work. Honestly this is the first minute I've had. I will put up the other NYC pictures very very soon.

Read more to see the pictures

<td>Harry Smith of the Early Show</td>
<td>Harry Smith of the Early Show

My favorite morning guy. I love going over to the plaza and seeing Harry when I am in NY. </td>
<td>Renee of the Early Show</td>
<td>Renee of the Early Show

<td>Hannah and Julie Chen</td>
<td>Hannah and Julie Chen

<td>BB fans or are they?</td>
<td>BB fans or are they?

Some of the BB fans at the Early Show were really CBS interns. Some of them had no clue who any of the houseguest they were rooting for even were.</td>
<td>Monica Bailey from BB2</td>
<td>Monica Bailey from BB2

Monica from BB2. I was voting for her to get into the All-star house.</td>
<td>Dave the weather guy</td>
<td>Dave the weather guy

I was happy to see Dave back from North Dakota or where-ever he had been.</td>
<td>Monica Bailey from BB2.</td>
<td>Monica Bailey from BB2.

Monica was on BB2 during 9/11. Her cousin was lost in one of the WTC buildings. My BB website put together a quilt and sent it to Monica. She has since given it to the son of her cousin. When I met Monica after her appearance on the Early Show and mentioned the quilt to her, she gave me a big hug and told me how much it had meant to her and her family during a very difficult time.</td>
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