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Home Grown

Went to the farmers market this afternoon. Was able to buy tomatoes and radishes from the home soil.
I know it is probably all in my head, but things taste better when grown in the land of my childhood.
Came home and had the most fabulous tomato sandwich.
Also got one of those tasty berry tarts. That will be have to be my late night snack.

Just got home from the club house. Their new menu is the bomb. Am now stuffed. Saw the mayor and his wife.
I swear he is there every night, because he has been there every single time I've ever been there.
Didn't even notice Maryann until I saw Mr. Mayor.

In between visited sister in hospital. Man, if I am dying and within a block of the place, take me somewhere else!
Old, Catholic hospital. She had a box fan in her room. No air conditioning. It was like going back in time 50 years.
Tags: food, life
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