May 23rd, 2006


Weather woes

It's May people! MAY. The end of May. So why is it so fricking cold!?!

It is only 52 degrees!

They started paving the road into the park today. What a PITA that is going to be. Hopefully it won't take too long. They promised it would not interfere with traffic coming into the building or with our parking lot, but they had one end of the road blocked off and their trucks parked all over the other end. We had to go up onto the grass to get around the truck as they OGS guys sat there chatting.

PM got us tickets to the American Idol concert when they come to town. DS wanted the more expensive floor seat so, but we didn't want to pay that much. P went online on got average priced tickets in the first tier seating. D went to the boxoffice and there were so many people by the time she got to the window there were only cheaper top tier seats left. D should have come with us. LOL!

Idol coming on now. Gotta program my phone for Taylor!

Just saw a commerical for Pirates! Yo ho Yo ho... AHHHH Can't wait!!