May 26th, 2006

tim curry

To do or not to do, that is the question...

I thought I had everything planned out. A quick overnight trip down to the city June 11thish so I can be the red carpet whore that I am and do the Jersey dry run. Tony Awards. Ralph Finnes, Bernadette Peters, Glenn Close, Hank Azaria, Liev Schriber, Julia Roberts, Cythia Nixson, Harry Connick Jr., Richard Griffiths, Frances de la Tour, Paul Rudd, maybe Phil Collins, maybe Elton John, Michael Cerveris, Patti LuPone. All that plus probably getting to spend quality time with Brom.

But then I get an email from Pam who will be in NYC the end of June for a quick trip on the way to Germany and looking to do a Broadway Blizt. What's a girl to do? If I wait until Pam is there we can share the expense of the hotel. And no one is better at blitzing than Pam. I want to see History Boys most of all, but maybe Drowsey Chaperone or one of the other newer shows too. But it would need to be on the cheap. Standing room, lottery, TKTS as last resort. We may see Beauty and the Beast yet - snark. I would still need to get my ass over to NJ at some point and work in some Brom time.

Maybe I'll do a day trip on June 11th, have lunch with Brom and drag him over to the red carpet and then come straight home. It is doable. I did it for Kong.

And then end of June with Pam - Broadway Blitz, New Jersey, Brommy time.

Sounds like a plan.