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Walk on the Moon Review

I watched Walk on the Moon tonight while waiting for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics to begin. Viggo was great of course. Diane Lane was beautiful of course. I watched the entire movie not realizing that the guy playing her husband was none other than Liev Schrieber - director/writer of Everything is Illuminated (giving Liev 1 degree of separation with both Viggo and Elijah) and Tony Award winner for Glenn Gary Glenn Ross. Ann Paquin was in this too. What a great young actress she is.

I really enjoyed this movie. I had no idea really what to expect. It reminded me alot of Dirty Dancing resort, but in a more realistic way. I had to think of my sister when the 14 year old Alison wanted to go to Woodstock. She did what my sister didn't and went anyhow. I found it a little hard to believe that of all the thousands of people at Woodstock, Alison should see her mother dancing half naked with the blouse man, but its just a movie, so I will allow for artistic lisence. Julie Kavner (Rhoda's sister/Marge Simpson) as the voice over the PA system was real treat.

The love scenes were very hot. The first time Pearl and Walker make love and he gives her pleasure in a way her husband never has - oh man. And then in the waterfall scenes. Hot hot hot. Viggo brought more than sex appeal to his role. He brought real emotion.

And that hat! I had to wonder did Viggo bring the hat to the character or did the character bring the hat to Viggo, because I have seen him in that hat or a similar one before. Viggo wears hats well.

Tommorrow I have Elizabethtown or Essex Boys to watch. Orli or Bean. Hmmm.