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Elizabethtown, Lakawanna Blues

We watched Elizabethtown last night. I actually enjoyed it more this time than I did the first time I saw it in the cinema. I often find that to be the case. Not sure why. Maybe my expectations are too high the first time. I still think the character that Kirsten Dunst plays is a bit of a whack job that Drew (Orlando) should avoid. She will have that poor man scheduled and regimented to death. I guess when the alternative is suicide, she's not all that bad. Still thought the Susan Sarrandon memorial services stuff was stupid. How did she manage to learn cooking, auto mechanics, tap dancing and comedy all in the week following her husbands death? The music is great - Cameron Crowe certainly knows how to put a soundtrack together.

The DVD extras were interesting, but I wanted more behind the scenes filming stuff. And I always want a commentary track. The best part was the clip of Orlando in that joint in Memphis with the bartender talking about all the great musicians who have been there.

Watched Lakawanna Blues this afternoon. Excellent film and I didn't know that it was based on a true story. Terrence Howard is currently a favorite of mine. Jimmy Smits was his fine self. And imagine my surprise when Liev Schrieber turned up as a Social Worker. LOL. Turned out to be a Liev weekend.

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