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Those Lord of the Rings actors get around

It's funny how the LOTR actors keep ending up in movies with the same people. Elijah Wood just finished filming "Bobby" with Lindsay Lohan and now Sean Bean will co-star with her in "A Woman of No Importance". My Netflix list can be active for year just watching films featuring one of Rings actors.

Speaking of which I just sent Shooting Livien back. It was an okay movie. I certainly enjoyed it more than The Purifiers. Ugh - I love you Dom, but that was just painful. I thought the Johnny character was a bit self indulgent and didn't really get that he resembled John Lennon all that much, but Dom was great in it and it was a interesting to see his first try at playing a rock star wannabe. Owen and Charlie have alot in common. I hope next season we get to see a bit more of Charlie as a "bloody Rock God".

I just watched a clip of Viggo Mortensen's speech at Saint Lawrence College graduation. Gotta love Viggo. Between the King and the Wizard, our Fellowship has been very vocal lately. It's nice that Viggo still comes back to New York. I think his mom still lives in the Watertown area. I linked Viggo's clip:
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