Kirei's Corner

11 October
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I currently live in upstate NY, but have also lived in Texas, California and Arizona. I consider myself a pervy hobbit fancier. I am also a bit of a stage door jane and red carpet lover. I like to travel and to take pictures. People seem to enjoy my photos, so I enjoy taking them.

My nickname Kirei_Eleison is a play on my parts of my name KiRei and the greek prayer Kyrie Elesion (KEAR-ree-ay ee-LAY-ee-sohn) which means "Lord have mercy". I have always liked this greek remnant to the otherwise Latin mass. I'm not a religious person, though I do consider myself to be a spiritual one. Mostly the name goes back to my college years in Music History class when we listened to the gregorian chants. Not to mention the song by 80s band Mr. Mister.